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Edizioni ADV, moving with the times

Since 1926, Edizioni ADV publishes religious and health-related material with the goal of spreading the knowledge of the biblical heritage and of the lifestyle most appropriate to God’s laws.

In its almost 80 years of history, ADV has seen all the biggest social transformations. From the years in which the Bible was almost completely unknown or, in the fascist period, when publishing foreign authors was almost impossible; to the promotion of medical topics, from the postwar period to the boom of the latest years, holding a few achievements in the task of promoting health.

ADV is property of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, an evangelical movement that has, since its beginnings, valued the importance of printed paper as a mean of information, dialogue and debate on religious themes. Our new catalogue shows this tradition and passion with an offer of titles dedicated to all ages.

A particular attention was given to children and teens. We offer religious education manuals and guides for parents, useful as a support for their sons and daughters through the delicate process of their growth.

In our catalogue you’ll find all the magazines, book series on biblical themes, works about considerations on humanity’s future.

There is also a special section dedicated to medical and scientific titles: a few series on the biggest health topics about people and environment, for informative purpose.

We wish that you’ll be able to find some answers to your doubts, and satisfy your hunger for knowledge.

Enjoy your reference!

Edizioni ADV

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